Evident Consulting

耐性 • Patience

“Patience is Power: With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes silk”

Evident Consulting is a young, one-woman consultancy firm. As it goes with startups, I am trying to do as much of the work myself and building an online presence takes work and requires time. Be patient, follow me on twitter: @evidentconsult or like me on facebook: Evident Consulting and soon enough, your patience will be rewarded!

What can you expect in the next weeks? Tweets and posts about doing business in China, tips and tricks about managing Chinese employees and negotiating within cultures as well as some personal anecdotes and stories.

Do you want to have more information or meet to see what I can do for you? Contact me through info@evidentconsulting.be

Thank you in advance!


Evi Degheldere