About Evident

Evident means, according to the dictionary, ‘clearly to be seen or understood’.

Seeing and understanding two different cultures and what connects them, that’s where Evident Consulting comes in. But evident stands for so much more with one clear goal: helping companies to bring China and Europe closer together.

IMG_0417Evident Consulting aims to be your personal bridge between China and Europe by offering cross-cultural training that help you get the most out of your business potential. By offering expat relocation services, that are tailor-suited for each company, person and his or her environment. By offering a Roadmap to China, where we guide you through the different options, pitfalls and posibilities of doing business in China.


Evident aso just stands for Evi, the woman behind Evident Consulting. After studying a Master of Global Management: China-Europe Business Studies at Antwerp Management School and a year of living, studying and working in China, I want to help companies unravel their own Chinese dream!